Nehaa Jyotish Kendra was founded by Raj Kumar Bajaj (Born on 26th September 1940) in 1999. Since then we have been going on strong as ever before. Under one banner computerised horoscopes of all types in 12 languages, and to give astrological consultation based on horoscope and as per need of the customer we recommend and provide remedies by precious, Semi-precious stones (Ratnas), Rudrakshas, Shaligram, Yantras, Mantras & all related items at the most reasonable rates.

We undertake Vaastu inspection of plots, offices, commercial & residential buildings & flats, shops etc. & correct DOSHAS (deficiencies) in all respect without demolishing any small or big structure.

Our team has a wealth of experience in this field. We have unique approach for a successful outcome. Nehaa Jyotish Kendra specialize in finding simple solutions and communicating our analysis clearly and effectively. The message is loud and clear. We love to communicate with you about your specific consultation needs! We all do our best to create an environment where all of us come together in order to provide our clients with the best possible experience – without politics, hierarchy, or hesitations. We love what we do!

Nehaa Jyotish Kendra has sensitive approach to your issues and provide quality of the highest level. We try to transform lives more positively by inviting in health wealth, prosperity and success, thereby we create our own reputation. On consulting us, you participate in a mutually beneficial project, the success of which depends on your own success. We create and promote harmony with your life and environment! We are focused, diligent, and apply our best effort to respond to any of your requirements. We will be glad to be useful to you in your activities. Once again, we love what we do!

Raj Kumar Bajaj has over two decades of experience in the field of astrology, giving consultation & providing remedies. Before establishing Nehaa Jyotish Kendra, he was practicing as free lancer and he has basic consideration to assure benefits and freedom from illnesses of the customers.All the above mentioned remedies are provided as per narration in various Purans and scriptures. Hence customers are benefited in the respective areas of their deficiencies / requirements. We provide every customer with full knowledge of the deficiencies which are observed in their horoscopes & simultaneously advise remedies for the same.

Anita Bajaj a popular astrologer with the motto of providing astro predictions and solutions has been helping people in getting what they desire for. She is into this field for last 10 years gaining popularity and fame through providing selfless astrological social services. She is a certified astrologer, and has assisted and gained experience under the guidance of the founder, of this Jyotish Kendra, Lt.Shri Raj Kumar Bajaj – well known astrologer. She is the active member of Indian Council Astrological Sciences. She is expert in remedial measures in various matters like education, job, match making, diseases, dosh nivarana etc. She has gained immense knowledge that has made her an accepted and popular astrologer due to her right predictions on the basic of astrology, simple remedies and related matters. With the depth of knowledge of astrology she aspires to improve the quality of life of every being as far she can reach.

She is ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, Blessed with quick grasping, understanding and problem solving skills. You can avail her hassle free effective services with instant feeling of comfort zone. Having approachable nature she gives easy remedial measures and gets mush appreciated by her clients.

Shiv Kumar Bajaj is a well known practitioner of vaastu with the main motto of bringing the peace in the universe. He is certified and experienced vaastu consultant with more than 8 years of experience. He has been constantly guided by the founder of this jyotish Kendra Lt.Shri Raj Kumar Bajaj – Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant. Shiv Kumar is an active member if Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. He is expert in diagnosing and identification of your problems and has in depth knowledge about vaastu. He helps you with solutions for problems related to health, wealth, career, marriage education creativity, kitchen, doors, bedrooms, study room, pooja room, business, shops, offices etc. He advises easy and practical solutions to give you good results, rarely involving structural changes or demolition. Personalised consultation with tailored solutions is also provided by him. With his accurate vaastu analysis he has helped many clients to overcome their problems and lead good life.