Vastu Shastra

Placing of kitchen area is an important factor in Vastu. Kitchen should always be at South East corner of the house or at least to the North West corner of the house as a second best suitable place. Apart from these two areas if kitchen is placed as follows : –

  1. North East Corner
    If kitchen is placed in the north east corner of the house then it may lead to unrest, misunderstanding between members of the family, quarrels, unwanted expenditure, tension.
  2. South West Corner:
    If kitchen is placed in the south west corner of the house it can cause lot of difficulties to the head of the family / owner of the house. Like health problems, loss in peace of mind increases etc.

Cooking Stove must be placed in the southeast direction and the stove should be placed in such a manner the person cooking on the stove faces east direction. This will ensure family members remain healthy and have peace of mind.

Hence it is very important to plan for kitchen before construction,  always advisable to consult a good Vastu Expert before construction, to get the best out as per vastu guidelines.

Kitchen should never be constructed in the Northeast or in East or North of the house. If done so, the house member’s money gets spent fast, there is always tensions and quarrels or accident may take place among the members of the house.

Sink must be placed / fitted towards Northeast corner of the kitchen. In a South facing house, it may be difficult to have the kitchen in the Southeast. In such a case, kitchen may be set up in the Northwest. In a Northwest kitchen, the stove should be placed in the Southeast, but the person while cooking should always face the East.

There must always be good ventilation in the kitchen like windows or else one can install exhaust fan.

More Vastu points on Kitchen:

  • In a kitchen, platform should be in the South and West including Southwest.
  • The kitchen should have its heavier articles placed in the South and West like the fridge, grinding machine, heavy vessels, and water storage drums.
  • The shelves, slabs and attics best suitable towards South and West.