Residential Vastu – site selection, before construction advice & after construction remedies/solutions

Rental Property – for owners / tenants

By Room -Vastu for Bedroom, Drawing Room, Children Room, Kitchen, Pooja Room, Stairs, Study Room, Doors, Guest Room, Bathroom, Living Room, Locker Room, Balcony, Colors for Home, Basement, Couples Bedroom, Entrance Gate, Servant Room, Store room, Windows etc.

Home Office
Exterior – Garage, plants and trees, Swimming Pool, decks, Tank, septic, landscaping & other exteriors.

Commercial – site selection, before construction advice & after construction remedies/solutions.
Offices & Shops
Showrooms, Shops & Offices.

VASTU FOR LIFE – Career & Business Success, Education, Relationships, Finances, Health.

Vastu is existing from vedic period. Success of a person is in being recognized and be supported from surroundings for his performance in life. When the strength of dwelling house is supportive and co-operative for a person he will be successful. When a person lives in Vastu strength house, his success begins at his home and continues to his career, job etc., It assures good family, peace, fame and successful living. If vastu principles are not applied then his failures, problems starts at his home itself. He has to go through family problems first and then only he can fight against the outside world. His success will be in jeopardy. Most people suffer more due to the unawareness, ignorance and discrimination of vastu sastra. Hence he continues to suffer, get failures and poor developments in spite of his hard work as many people are unaware of the importance & benefits of the Vastu Shastra. This is where we come in.We create awareness and help people to apply the principles of vastu . We know how to invite maximum positive energy available in the environment. We use the vastu principles to capture all the energy from the environment for maximum benefit from nature. This is how we assist our clients to lead a harmonious life by providing:-

Vastu consultancy for residence – Bungalow, flat, independent house etc.
Site selection & After construction remedies/solutions

Vastu consultancy for plots
Vastu consultancy for commercial purpose – offices, shops, godown, clinics etc. Selection site selection & after construction remedies/solutions

We provide consultancy giving detailed analysis regarding the plot and site itself, workplace/office, swimming pool, kitchen, bedroom-master/children/guest room, toilets study room, pooja room, staircase, brahmasthanam, finished products, seating arrangements etc. by using scientific formulas.

Counselling of the clients are done after analysis.
Remedies / solution are recommended on problems relationship, wealth health marriages etc.

Many Vastu problems can be healed without breakage. Every dosh has some remedy and if properly taken, happiness and peace comes back in life again.

Main features of our services / why choose us?

They are simple, less expensive and beneficial
We do proper energy balancing
Proper examination of the soil, site, geography and adjacent environment
May use fengsui science to complete harmony with elements of nature
May Use minimal demolishment methods for remedy
Try to reduce negative external energies as much as possible
We provide excellent vastu consultation which is result – oriented with minimum realignment and minimum destruction of existing structure. Our services are hassle free with friendly vastu renovation expenses.

Remedies if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.


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