Original Ruby Gem Stone

Ruby is one of the most popular gems in the world, and probably the most alluring stones of all. With their value rising as per their size, some rubies can even be worth more than a diamond of the same size. Out of all varieties, the Burmese “Pigeon’s Blood” rubies command a higher price compared to all other types.

It is also called as “King of gemstones”, due to its everlasting color and hardness that is just next to diamond. The ruby gemstone is an appealing stone which is popularly worn in the form of jewelry items by men / women. Also, this stone is called “stone of love” and appears at its best when it is worn in the form, of a wedding ring or engagement rings and other form of jewelry.
However, sometimes people ask this question that, “Is it the only properties for which ruby stone is famous for?” The answer of this question is “No”. Apart from the above appearance qualities, there are other qualities of this stone which makes this stone distinctive and extremely famous. The most important feature of Ruby Gemstone is its association with planet Sun. Now normally people would ask that how this stone is attached with planet Sun and what are the benefits one can perceive by this association.

The Sun is the fundamental source of light and energy for all the living creatures of this earth. The importance of sun in our life can be identified by the fact that no life can sustain on the earth without the presence of the Sun. Keeping the above line as the base; it is not exaggerated to mention that Sun is “King” of all planets. Sun signifies life, communication skill, confidence, energy, courage and health of human being. Nevertheless, if sun places at negative positions in the horoscope of a person will invite all sorts of trouble in the life of its wearer.

Now, the question is Who can wear this stone? The answer to this question is that a person in whose horoscope or birth chart sun lies at beneficial positions can adopt this stone to attain the incalculable benefits being offered by this stone. Wearing priceless ruby stone will endows enormous positive results in the life of its wearer. In reality, the ruby stone will enrich beneficial properties of its wearer as per its respective position in the horoscope of a person.

Ruby is worn to eliminate the bad effects of the wrongly placed planet sun, emitting cosmic rays and infrared radiations which makes the person active, smart, bestows high self esteem and social esteem, leadership quality and freedom from sight problems. It also helps in recovering from problems like bone related, headache, indigestion, high fever etc. In short the wearer is favored with good health, position, government job, prestige or any serious abnormalities.



Original Pearl Gem Stone

Pearls are shiny opaque white in colour but sometimes they are light yellowish or pinkish stone which originates from oysters. Basra Pearl being  the best quality pearl.

We all have been fascinated from Pearl gemstones for centuries. Everyone loves to wear pearl jewelry. Pearl has been providing benefits to us for centuries. We can wear it for fashion and also for astrological purpose. Pearl can change your life if you use the right kind of Pearl. Every woman all around  the world desires to wear the fascinating pearl gemstone.

In Hindu Astrology, Pearl is associated with the Moon Planet. According to a legend, Pearl is formed from dew which is itself tears of the goddess of Love. Pearl signifies faith, charity, truth, love and innocence. Pearl especially enhances personal integrity.  The Moon, which signifies clarity of mind, peace, intellect, good health in still all these characteristics in the lives of its wearer.

  • It is being advised to wear pearl or moti gemstone by those individuals who are facing sleeping problem, depression, mental issues etc. wearing pearl gemstone ensures happiness in the life of its wearer by eradicating or vanishing all fears from his mind. And let him/her enjoys their lives completely.
  • The auspicious gemstone facilitates beauty and shine on the face.
  • Pearl also improves the marital relations by spreading love and harmony in personal relationship.
  • It is also advised by astrologers that pearl stone can be given as marriage anniversary gifts.
  • The pearl must be worn by those persons who are suffering from mental problems and memory weakness.
  • The pearl is also strongly advised for those individuals who are suffering from short temper and heart problems.

Pearls have a soothing influence. Pearls are said to reduce over-sensitivity and promote peacefulness. They have a way of lifting our spirits. Pearls help heal in the solar plexus chakra’s sphere of influence, e.g. stomach, immunity; and emotional stress. Pearl aids in digestion and may reduce the chance of developing ulcers. The soothing vibes of Mother of Pearl speculate to heal the skin problems in addition to the allergic rashes. It also increases the mental function and helps to perk up the analytical powers. It strengthens the cardiac muscles & emotional stability.

Pearl’s mystical properties depend upon its shades: White Pearl brings opportunity, caramel – knowledge,

Pearl is a gem which makes the depressed soul happy. It also provides love along with peace of mind. It helps the person to feel and understand nature and beauty. It is the gem that is known to invite good omen in life.



Image result for coral gemstone

Corel is orange reddish, or white in colour. The stone is found 600 to 700 ft below on the cliff built by a creature called isis nobiles. The branches of coral reef are basically composed of calcium carbonate. The favorable position of Mars planet intimates fearlessness, creativity and autonomous considerations, making one effective in the profession.

Red coral, also called Red Moonga, is a powerful gemstone, which has been known for a long time for its various mysterious profits. It signifies  boldness, certainty, nature of authority and capacity to face challenges in the wearer.

It creates vitality and power in the wearer and makes him dynamic, setting him up for monetary and additionally proficient development.

The splendid colored red coral gemstone is great for cops, fighters and individuals working in weapons celebrations, as all these callings need to do with weapons and ammunition all of which are nearly identified with planet Mangal. Individuals dealing in real estate, property can profit from the alluring coral.

It is  helpful for designers, specialists, drug specialists, developers, pilots, and mariners, individuals managing in mines, electrical merchandise and makers of iron hardware. Furthermore, it is known to make the wearer obligation free and thrive in his business or vocation.

Before wearing natural coral stone it is always advisable to consult an experienced astrologer to avoid negative results of this stone. For the appropriate stone size and correct method to use for the proper and maximum benefit you please take the suggestion of a scholarly Astrologer.

Use of these stones can ward off several diseases like chickenpox, jaundice, and fistula, impotency, ailments pertaining to blood, piles etc. It also protects from evil eye (buri nazar), evil spirits that is why  some children are made to wear them in the form of pendent. It increases the skill of debating.

The famous Red Coral gemstone is captured from almost all parts of the world. However, there are few countries which are thoroughly famous for gathering coral i.e. Italy, Japan, Sri Lanka, India etc.



Original Emerald Gem Stone

This stone is green in colour. Emerald is found in Ajmer, Udaipur, Africa, Brazil, and Colombia. These days colombian emerald are the best. Normally they have net/fibers present inside the Panna / Zammrud. It’s planet is Mercury and emerald is the birth stone of month May.

Natural and treatment free emerald is a great therapeutic gemstone for individuals facing trouble with ability to concentrate or focus. High entropy, restless people are able to bring in a relatively large amount of stability and focus by wearing an emerald.

An individual who wears an emerald for a well placed Mercury, can beget great fame and fortune. As the name suggests, there can be a mercurial rise in life. Emerald is a stone that is capable of taking away emotional toxicity. Individuals, who have a hard time coming to terms with difficult situations where they have been betrayed, cheated or defrauded, should try working with an emerald gemstone to heal the scars. It help in shedding of illusory ideas.

Natural Emerald is a great gemstone for individuals who stammer, or feel shy to interact with others or feel held back due to lack of confidence. Individuals like psychics, healers, astrologers or practitioners of any divine arts can find tremendous progress in their line of work by wearing and emerald.

Vibrant and highly attractive, the Emerald gemstone holds a top-notch position amongst gemstone lovers these days. And why wouldn’t it, after all, it holds a commanding position amongst the Big Three (rubies, sapphires, and emeralds) in the world of colored gemstones. Another popular characteristic that makes the Panna stone class-apart is its ruler Mercury, who is extensively followed in gem therapy. And one of the most effective ways to gain advantage from the energies of Mercury is to befriend this sparkling gemstone – The Emerald! By wearing a carefully chosen panna stone on your body, you are in for good luck and multifarious benefits.

The wearer of the Panna stone can distinctively see an increase in his/her creativity, linguistic skills, and artistic talents. The wearer is also able to ideate and innovate in a much more efficient manner after wearing this gemstone. Therefore people who need to work with ideas can greatly benefit from this stone.

  • The Panna stone is known to help in handling speech related difficulties, allergies, nervous disorders, and respiratory related ailments. People suffering from any of these difficulties can wear panna stone to reap its ultimate benefits and recover from all these troubles.
  • Wearing the Panna stone results in intellectual progress as intelligence is the area of Lord Mercury – The Ruler of this gemstone. This planet helps an individual derive a balanced perspective, gives him/her better grasping power thereby getting a better understanding of life and its experiences. If you are therefore pining for a superior intellect, you can bank on the powers of this stone.
  • If you choose to wear a panna stone, it must be done after consulting an astrologer as well as gemologist. While an astrologer will let you know whether this is your lucky stone, a gemologist will help you identify the right stone.
  • People with a particular kind of Mercury in their position are advised to wear panna stone as this stone can help trap the powers of Mercury. After wearing a panna stone, people have seen their prospects and luck soar up.
  • If you are dreaming of becoming a great orator with a clear and lucid style of communicating, then you can think of wearing a Emerald panna stone and see your communication power tremendously increase. This is because Mercury is the ruling planet of speech and this stone helps attract the powerful vibrations from this planet and supply it in good measures for you.
  • Shun away all kinds of emotional toxicity by choosing the Panna stone. People who have undergone bad personal experiences and have felt betrayed or cheated should seek guidance from an expert on the usage of the Emerald gemstone. This will help heal the scars and bring calmness and composition to their lives.
  • Astrologers, healers, and practitioners of divine arts can draw immense benefits in their line of work by wearing a green Emerald. This stone while worn can develop a sharp intellect and enhance the capabilities of people to interpret things rightly. Therefore they will also see a remarkable increase in their customers.
  • The Panna stone also helps in increasing focus and concentration. Therefore it is particularly helpful for students. If you have slow learners at home or kids who are not picking up well in studies, consult an astrologer and let them wear a panna stone. If the conditions in their horoscope suits wearing a panna stone, you will see them pick up well in studies within a very short time.



Original Pukhraj Gem Stone

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone  is an attractive stone of yellow color but can be golden / white in colour. The stone is genuinely mesmerizing due to its unique color characteristics and various cuts so that it generally draws the attention of each pair of eyes around it instinctively. This gemstone is contemplated being the most auspicious stone among all available gemstones. The reasons that make this stone come forth in the herd of all gemstones are its association with the largest planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is affirmed to be the largest active planet in the crew of all nine astrological planets. The comprehensive planet Jupiter is rewarded with the status of Teacher among all nine planets. Along with this the most important fact that makes Jupiter, planet one of the most important planets is due to its strong influential forces that are known to make predominantly positive impacts on the life of living creatures. Keeping the following line as the base, astrologers reward this planet being the most auspicious planet. The Jupiter Planet signifies wealth, luck, fortune, prosperity, marriage bliss etc.

The Benevolent planet Jupiter as similar to other planet’s emits beam of light and prosperously yellow sapphire stone possesses the skills to capture the major portion of this beam of light which altogether makes this stone most significant stone of Jupiter. Therefore, the yellow sapphire stone encompasses and enriches powers of the planet Jupiter on earth and derive its power to aid in the favor of a person who adopts this stone. Hence, by virtue of above fact an individual who crave to extort the benevolent features of Jupiter in their lives can wear this yellow color stone.

It found in Bengal, Brahmaputra, Vindhyanchal, Orissa, Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil, Rhodesia etc. Among all Sri Lankan stone is considered the Best.

Being associated with the felicitous planet Jupiter the yellow sapphire stone endow infinite number of benefits to its wearer. Some of the main benefits or advantages of wearing this stone is mentioned below:

  • The yellow sapphire stone derives quick wealth for its wearer.
  • This stone brings luck and fortune in the life of its wearer. And, open sea of opportunity for their wearer.
  • The yellow sapphire stone is known to be the most benevolent or auspicious stone for unmarried girls as per holy books and scriptures.
  • Thus, girls who are not getting married or not finding a perfect life partner can wear this stone.
  • This gemstone is also enormously benevolent for those individuals who are in depression and full of negativity.
  • Wearing this stone inject happiness and joy in your married life and family.
  • Individuals who are in government field or working in the field of accounting, writing, and acting can wear this stone since yellow sapphire stone help them to achieve great heights in their respective careers.




Image result for diamond in astrology

Diamond, the most famed and fabled of all gemstones known as king of stones, is very unique in many ways. Renowned for being most costly and the hardest substance on earth, its sparkling fire, durability, and rarity make Diamond the most special of all gems. No gemstone contains as much allure and interest as does Diamond. It is found in Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Brazil, South Africa, Belgium etc. This gem stone is for all round financial prosperity, happiness, and systematic, methodical approach to the problems of the life. Person wearing would also exhibit wisdom and maturity in their dealings, relationship. It helps in relieving sterility.

Most Diamonds used as gemstones are colorless or very faintly colored. However, colored Diamonds, known as “fancies”, can be extremely rare and valuable, and the most valuable gemstones ever known have been fancy Diamonds.

Venus is the planet that is associated with the diamond. After the sun and the moon, it is this planet that twinkles the brightest in the sky – so naturally, the equally dazzling diamond represents the positive qualities of Venus.

Astrology gives Venus several properties. All things beautiful, luxurious and abundant are ruled by Venus. It also controls the careers of those involved in arts and entertainment. For this reason, given that diamond represents Venus, wearing the diamond can help you control your destiny. Diamonds reportedly have the power to remove any inferiority complex.



Original Blue Saphire Gem Stone

NEELAM is blue in colour or light sky blue colour or in royal blue. It is also called as Indra-Neelam. Neelam of Ceylon is of best quality.

The more transparent stone is more brilliant and expensive too. Sapphires come in blue color, with the lightest being Sweden princess blue and the darkest being navy and black. Sapphires are mined in Kashmir, Burma, Mogok, Bangkok, Ceylon etc. An origin always affects the price of sapphire or any other gemstone. Ceylon sapphires are usually more prised. Kashmiri sapphires also very expensive by its origin and quality.

Astrologically, blue sapphire gemstone is considered amongst the most potent gemstones. It is equally beneficial from a therapeutic point of view. It is known to draw the cosmic energies associated with blue colors and bring this color in equilibrium in the human body. Like all other colors, blue color too has a vital influence over various systems of the human body; it is particularly concerned with controlling the activities of the brain and represents the spirit of an individual.

The blue sapphire gemstone is concerned with transmitting the desired amount of blue color cosmic energy to the individual, by filtering the required amount of it. It also removes any kind of obstructions in the flow of life force or energy related to the blue color in the body.

The therapeutic benefits of blue sapphire are manifold. Blue sapphire filters blue color energy, which is principally concerned with the physical systems related to brain, sense organs, nerves, cerebro-spinal fluid, blood and vascular system. It is used to heal ailments and physical diseases concerned with these organ systems of the body.

The gemstone is known to generate cosmic rays to energize the Ajna Chakra in the body, which is associated with the pituitary glands. Overall, a blue sapphire gemstone is a powerful color therapy tool, used to improve mental clarity and creativity in the individual.



Original Hessonite Gem Stone

Hessonite or Gomed (Hindi) is a honey colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate having an important place in the Hindu scriptures. This stone is believed to be ruled by the Vedic planet ‘Rahu’. The uniform cow urine colored Gomed neutralizes the evil effect of Vedic planet Rahu and protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies. Gomed gemstone ensures that there is certain relief from the evil effects of Rahu. It helps in clearing the confusion that natives with Rahu doshas face. It also helps in bringing in confidence, stability as well as positive energy into their lives. Gomed is beneficial for those involved in business, public fields of work or commissions as well as in politics. The gomed gemstone must be worn so as to push a native for exhausting the karmic desire wheel. Once this state is attained by the soul, the native can move towards a higher spiritual level. Gomed is found in Kashmir, Orissa, Bihar, Burma, Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Gomed is the best.

Benefits of wearing Hessonite or Gomed Stone

  • It calms the mind of the wearer and relieves him/her from depression, deep seated anxieties and mental problems.
  • Gomed helps to boost concentration, focus and gives clear direction to help achieve goals. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for students and people who are working in the field of research.
  • Hessonite provides professional progress and enhances one’s social & financial status
  • It helps improve the health of the wearer and cures ailments like epilepsy, allergies, infections of the eye & sinus, haemorrhoids and palpitation of the heart.
  • Hessonite is very beneficial for people pursuing public speaking, as it enhances the wearer’s influence over large crowds.
  • People into computer jobs, politics, government services, lawyers and scientists are benefited with the magical powers of this stone.



Original Cat's Eye Gem StoneThe cat’s eye gemstone is quite an intriguing gem, apart from its appearance which is distinct. its metaphysical powers and properties have always fascinated human beings. According to Vedic astrology, Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl also known as lehsunia or vaidurya is the gemstone of Planet Ketu. It is a gemstone with intense planetary energies and shows effects quite fast.

Benefits of wearing a Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl :-

  • Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone can help in return of lost wealth. It also has the capacity to restart a closed business.
  • Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl is a favoured gem with individuals who love to gamble or regularly participate in speculative activities and games of chance as it is said to bring luck. This is a gem for risk takers and adventurers.
  • Wearing a cat’s eye gem as a talisman can give psychic protection and can ward off the effects of evil eye.
  • Ketu is a planet that helps an individual evolve through varied experiences. Wearing a cat’s eye can ease the pain that invariably accompanies life’s tough lessons. It helps in detaching from unhealthy materialistic or worldly attachments.
  • The energies of mystical planet Ketu help an individual’s spiritual advancement, especially as a religious seeker.
  • The cat’s eye gemstone can relieve mental anxiety cause by in expression of desires. It can dissolve stress.
  • Wearing a cat’s eye can give greater awareness and restore memory.
  • Disinterest in food, anorexia can be helped by wearing a good Chrysoberyl cat’s eye
  • Wearing a cat’s eye gem can give release from a lot of unnamed fears and complexes that keep a person crippled and hesitating from taking positive steps for one self